Why Choose the Willow Place?

Women’s Addiction Treatment Housing

Willow Place offers safe, sober residence to newly recovering women in a home atmosphere. Willow Place believes that healing occurs when one feels a part of and supported in a community. By following 12 Step guidelines and a set of ‘rules for living’, our hope is that a healthy, structured lifestyle can ultimately be internalized.

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Why Choose the Willow Place?

Willow Place offers safe, sober residence to newly recovering women in a home atmosphere.

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The North Carolina Association of Recovery Residences (NCARR) offers peace of mind to those persons aspiring to embrace a better, sober life for themselves and their loved ones. Within the next five years, NCARR will have helped create a safer, consistent more reliable resource in the recovery community by holding members to a level of service necessary to encourage self-sufficient productive lives.

Client Testimonials


Kyla B.

“Such an amazing treatment place!! All the staff are wonderful and knowledgeable! All the groups that they have are wonderful and can help you in all aspects of life! I truly feel that Willow Place is focused on helping people as they are and they aren’t always about the money side of things! I would highly recommended this place to anyone! This place can truly help you if you are willing to put in the work and time! I truly feel that if I didn’t get the help I needed now, I would have been in and out of other treatment centers!! Thanks again, Dixie and to all the staff that helped me through my darkest times!”


Sarah C.

“I attended Willow Place almost 4 years ago and I can honestly say, it has guided me and saved me in so many ways. With the help of the wonderful and caring staff, and the program as a whole, I was able to feel safe and begin my journey of healing that I was unable to do alone. Thank you Willow Place!”


Sandra M.

“This is the most amazing place in the world.. willow place saved my life and everyone that works there was a huge part of that. This place helped me find myself again and taught me genuine ways to deal with my anxiety, and work through life sober. Amanda was my therapist and touched my heart forever. Everyone that works here genuinely cares about each person that walks in. I am so thankful to have found this place. If anyone is looking for a recovery team for yourself or a loved one i strongly, strongly recommend this place.”


Angelica E.

“A beautifully supportive community comprised of strong and compassionate women!”


Michelle A.

“I absolutely love being apart of such an amazing team and having the opportunity to help change the live’s of women seeking recovery. Willow Place is an amazing facility for women who are seeking treatment for substance abuse, eating disorders, and trauma. Our staff is compassionate, caring, and highly experienced in providing the tools and education necessary to developing ongoing recovery and habits that promote healthy living.”


Lara C.

“I truly believe that Willow Place saved my life. There is no other treatment program that even compares. The all women staff provided a safe environment for me to grow and recover. The supportive housing gave me the structure I needed. I would definitely recommend Willow Place to anyone trying to recover.”


Abbey R.

“I was at Willow Place from February 17th until May 17th and I walked out of treatment feeling myself again and a lot stronger than going into treatment. The staff are amazing and really helpful and overall it was an experience that I am able share about to others who need help and I could not be happier that I was able to receive the care and guidance that I needed upon entering treatment. The staff really knows what they are doing and everyone truly cares. I’m full of gratitude that I was able to become myself again.”


Sandra R.

“I feel proud of being part of a team of professionals who deeply care about the treatment and healing of individuals in recovery. Willow Place is an excellent place where women get the care and support they need to return  to a healthy state of mind and strength.”


Tonya P.

“Willow Place for Women is an ethical treatment center that treats women. I personally Love it, because it deals with the Whole person; mind, body, and soul; not just the addiction. The environment has been described as “spa like”, It is a safe and comfortable place to heal.”


Nicole C.

“Willow Place is full of caring people who truly help people with both substance abuse and eating disorder issues. They are open and non judgmental which is not easy to find! Love them.”